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Isla de Brac
Isla de Brac

1,185 reasons to cruise on a sailing boat in Croatia

The Adriatic shore of Dalmatia is famous for its fantastic islands and islets that represent a thousand opportunities to enjoy a trip. You have a lot of things to do and wonderful places to discover.

From north to south, the Croatian coast is full, studded with exactly 1,185 islands, islets, reefs and unique rocks. Only about twenty of them are appreciably larger, the others are fragments of living nature. But all of them are 1,185 reasons to cruise on a sailing boat in Croatia.

From the ground, these islands convert the landscape of the Croatian coast into a show; seen from the sea, the prospect is even more suggestive with a background composed of  granular towns and villages accompanying greens and ochres, colors of natural vegetation and limestone ridges.

What a pity that we can’t describe all Croatian islands! We have chosen ten, the most famous, beautiful, curious and most historic of them.

From the peninsula of Istria to Dubrovnik, this is a long dozen of the more than a thousand of Croatian islands. If you let them, they will open you their secrets:

-Islands Brijuni, located in Pula, form an archipelago. It is also a nature reserve, a national park of Croatia.

-Cres. It is the second largest island in the Adriatic, situated near Rijeka. It is famous for its unbelievable red and pink sunsets in late summer and autumn.

-Losinj. Green is the dominant color in this lush island. It is very popular and is close to the island of Cres.

-Krk is number one, the largest of all Adriatic islands. Since construction of the bridge we can say that it is no longer an island. Is it an Advantage or disadvantage? We think it as an advantage.

-Rab is another green island, in this case the color is given by the pine forests. It’s difficult to describe the heady scent of pines in the summer days when the breeze blows from the sea. You have to live it.

-Pag. If you go to Pag, try their famous pecorino. Its craft lace is also well-known.

-Archipelago Kornati. It is temptingly peaceful and easy to anchor your charter sailing boat. Kornati consists of 140 islands and islets.

– Brac is one of the most popular islands, with great movement in summer. Especially in the Zlatni Rat beach situated in town Bol. By the way, Zlatni Rat means ‘Golden Horn’. We do not know why.

-Hvar. The most sunny island of all and is famed for outdoor spa. It is an elegant destination for VIPs.

-Vis. Is the westernmost and the farther from shore island. For that reason it is of the least visited. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage? We suppose that is a real advantage.

-Korcula. Is another green island. The Greeks, who visited it in classic time, called it the Black Korcula, perhaps for its depths.

-Mljet is an island with great natural charm. It is also a national park.

-Islands Elaphite and Lokrum. The Elaphite islands are unspoiled, natural areas located close to Dubrovnik. The biggest islands are: Kolocep, Sipan and Lopudy. Lokrum Island is located 600 meters away from Dubrovnik and retains a botanical garden. It is an ideal place to anchor for swimming in pure Adriatic waters. It also has a very famous nudist beach and a Benedictine monastery.

So, we have briefly described you 10 wonderful island destinations on the coast of Croatia. Where do you want to go? View cruise itineraries in Croatia on TopSailingCharters website.

Sergio Suárez Benítez