Now you can enjoy your passion for sailing not only at sea. In the nearest cinema you can take pleasure viewing an adventure filmed in extreme conditions. Top Sailing Charter presents a spectacular French film “EN SOLITAIRE”, shot entirely in high seas and masterfully directed by Christophe Offenstein, one of the best directors of European photography. Undoubtedly one of the most inspiring movies you’ll see this year. This great adventure story filmed at sea aboard a sailboat, starring François Cluzet. In one of the biggest hits of European cinema in recent years “Untouchable” this actor plays a quadriplegic. Top Sailing Charter couldn´t miss this opportunity and has participated as a partner company of the film, particularly as boat rental agency.

Two dreams. One boat.

This new European film tells the story of a sailor who took part in the Vendée Globe, racing around the world. All was well until his boat breaks down and he had stop in the Canaries. The hero had discovered a passenger on the boat – a young African for whom the ship was the passport to a better life away from the miseries of his country. The film shows us a beautiful story of friendship and overcoming, that is getting a lot of recognition in all cinemas and festivals where it is displayed, for example it has won the Audience Award last year in International Festival in Gijón.

Despite being a European film, has had a budget of the major Hollywood productions more than 17 million. To show all the intensity of the sea moving on the big screen needed a great effort by producers, actors and special effects department. Once you sit in the cinema, you seem to be on board the sailboat near the protagonist. “EN SOLITAIRE” was filmed in France and in the Atlantic Ocean. For nearly a month, the team had to move to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. In sum, there were twelve weeks of filming, most of them in the sea.

Samy Saghir, the co-star who plays the African stowaway, is an actor of 19 years, but with a long film career. Reading his words we can get an idea of the intensity of this fascinating filming at sea: “It was the first time I sailed, and much of the time was suffering seasick. But it was very handy to the role for its authenticity. There were 18 people on the boat, so we were very tight. I recognize that very bad weather, the ship was leaning frightened me. But there were amazing moments when we saw dolphins, whales and incredible sunsets”. Surely these words sound to you, especially if you’ve ever rented a boat or hired a nautical route.


You also can live a few fantastic days!

If you are reading this article, this means that you are client or are planning to spend a few days off in any of the ports where we offer boat rentals. On our website we provide a range of services and destinations for your dream holiday. Like the protagonists of “EN SOLITAIRE”we also feel passion for the sea and sailing. Top Sailing Charter has selected the best ports and boats for your perfect vacation at sea. If after watching the film you want to relive those feelings on a boat, rent a boat or hire a sailing route with Top Sailing Charter.

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