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Top Sailing Charter creates three new Web for the English market

Top Sailing Charter

Top Sailing Charter company from Torroella de Montgrí, specialized in ship rental’s around the world, has created three new portals for an English target audience interested in sailboats charter, catamarans charter or gulets charter. Throughout the last year 2010 those boats were the most demanded and expected. Whith these three …

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Gas cylinders on a chartered yacht.

When you rent a sailboat or a motorboat, one of your main rights is to have a minimum comfort. Our stay on board has to be as convenient and comfortable as possible, depending on the length of the chosen boat. Gas is one of the essential elements of a high-quality …

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The magnetic compass. Its importance and declination

Magnetic Compass

The quality of the magnetic compass on board is very important as well as its installation. Today, the quality is not a problem. There are many brands on the market that offer different models with excellent quality and all charter sailboats or motorboats are equipped with the compasses of the …

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Clouds observation from a charter boat

Nubes sobre el mar

  Although this method is not foolproof because sometimes even forecasters are wrong, watching the clouds at certain times of the day can help us predict the kind of weather that will appear in the coming hours, whether we are going to rent a sailboat or a motor boat.   …

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The anchoring of a charter sailboat

Proa limpia con fondeo claro

If we rent a sailboat without skipper, one of the things that we should review urgently before starting our voyage will be the anchoring. Regardless of the type of anchor that the boat carries, its chain, lifting and mooring system, the whole structure should be well maintained, neat and clear. …

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The crew on a gulet

  The crew on a gulet is a group of perfectly organized people with strict hierarchy that performs effective manoeuvres and provides excellent service on the boat. Each member of the charter gulet’s crew knows what his functions are, avoiding confusions that could spoil the sailing trip and ensuring you …

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Catamaran or monohull – is still an open debate

  It is one of the most debatable and discussed questions between skippers, crew members, amateurs and sailing lovers in general. To find out what is better: sailing aboard a rented catamaran or on a rented sailboat is something rather impossible. First of all it depends on passenger needs and …

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