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Nubes sobre el mar
Observar las nubes nos puede dar muchas indicaciones sobre el tiempo.

Clouds observation from a charter boat


Although this method is not foolproof because sometimes even forecasters are wrong, watching the clouds at certain times of the day can help us predict the kind of weather that will appear in the coming hours, whether we are going to rent a sailboat or a motor boat.

Clouds over a port
The shape of the clouds and their transformation can indicate with some precision what the weather will be like during the next hours.


If we are sailing on the Mediterranean Sea as well as if we are to undertake a voyage, this clouds observation can help us take decisions such as finding some warm clothes or staying on board to schedule our next moorings.

Signs of bad weather:

  • The appearance of cirrus accompanied by a lowering of the barometer.
    That indicates the arrival of a low-pressure area near the observer.
  • Abundant cirrus clouds in the sky.
    They can indicate that a low-pressure area is close or that it is very deep.
  • Cirrus traveling at high speed.
    They announce a low-pressure area that is rapidly approaching or the formation of a very heavy low-pressure area.
  • The direction cirrus move.
    Usually indicates the direction where the low-pressure area is.
  • If after appearance of cirrus we see a halo effect around the sun or moon, accompanied by a lowering of the barometer, the low-pressure area is about to arrive.
  • Small clouds that quickly grow.
  • The fog disappears slowly behind the mountains situated on the coast instead of disappearing in the morning.
  • White clouds on top of a mountain.
  • White clouds on a mountain top and gray ones at its base.
    This announces rain.
  • If contrails produced from jet engine stay for a long time in the sky, the bad weather is about to arrive.


Signs of good weather:

  • Facing the wind, cirrus come from the left and there is no lowering of the barometer.
  • Contrails produced from jet engine quickly disappear from the sky.
    This indicates that the good weather is established.
  • Clouds observed during sunrise dissipate quickly.
  • Large cloud formations quickly dissipate.
  • Small white clouds with a north wind.
    They foreshadow several days of good weather.
  • Land and sea mist in times of full moon.
    This indicates that we’ll have a good day.
  • If the mist comes after the bad weather, good weather has arrived.


Finally, some proverbs and sayings that are mostly loaded with reason:

  • ” When rain comes before the wind, halyards, sheets and braces mind, but when wind comes before rain, soon you may make sail again. “
  • ” When the wind is blowing in the North, no fisherman should set forth, when the wind is blowing in the East, ‘tis not fit for man nor beast. “
  • ” Orange or yellow, can hurt a fellow. “
  • ” When a halo rings the moon or sun, rain’s approaching on the run. “


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