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The compass of taste: Dalmatian Islands


The Dalmatian islands are located in the historical Croatian region of Dalmatia, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is a young country established with difficulty by a nation with a long history which includes the Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Hungarian influence. Both folklore and cuisine cast this rich mixture in its smells, flavours and presentations. The virgin olive oil accompanies salads and meats resemble Mediterranean style from Italy or Spain; while sweets made with honey are of the purest Mozarabic style origin.

During the Roman Empire, Dalmatia was one of the most populated regions. It has a long seafaring tradition. Of these past times it retains its palatial houses, monasteries and a good knowledge of wine. From the Venetian era it has preserved a rich artistic and architectural projection that Croatia has maintained as a heritage. Nowadays, all these points of interest attract tourists from all over the world and many spend their vacation on a chartered boat. Today the compass we will use to describe our sailing itinerary is taste and flavour: from snack to snack and from coast to coast.


We suggest sailing from Dubrovnik harbour located in the south part of Croatia, after visiting, within Dubrovnik’s walls, its monasteries, fountains and palaces. We say goodbye to its still vibrant history after enjoying marine delicacies served in the sunny terraces of the city. We navigate up to Split, further north, to see the beautiful palace which is more than 1,700 years old and to which Split owes its fame and legend. If you enjoy the voyage in the waters of the Adriatic Sea by running a beautiful rented yacht from island to island, you will take further pleasure in anchoring in front of the beautiful Split while tasting a Meat Marinade on the boat’s deck. Later, we will find where to drop anchor in Sibenik, either in the pleasant town crowned by an impressive cathedral or near the Kornati islands just in front of Sibenik, and taste the most pleasant dessert that we ever ate: Apple Kuchen.

We will then head towards the island of Vis, where it seems that the wind and waves have stopped completely. It is the farthest island from the mainland and for governance issues it has been forced to choose a self-sufficiency system that has maintained the habits of life of more than 50 years ago. Today in Vis, we will have to try the tastiest fresh Dalmatian style fish. Then we will reach the medieval style port of the Hvar island that turns purple in spring when lavender flowers it. There you can drink fantastic coffee accompanied with a perfect dessert called Krofne (Croatian doughnut). And after eating, if we want adventures, we can head to the island of Mljet where, according to the legend, Ulysses remained for seven years after being bewitched by Calypso, the nymph. It seems that the spell not to leave the island still remains in their seafood dishes and in the wines that you can savour on this island.


Raquel Valdueza