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Have an unforgettable holiday in the Balearic Islands

We invite you to the fantastic Balearic Islands. Definitely it is a perfect destination for all lovers of the sea and charming places. This archipelago consists of three main islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) and two smaller islands (Formentera and Cabrera). It is located close to the Iberian Peninsula and pleases its visitors with the mild climate all year round. Since ancient times, the Baleares Islands were receiving different people as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Turks. All of them had left mark in the archipelago and thanks to them we can enjoy today’s numerous archaeological remains that make the visit even more interesting. Amazing coves and cliffs, adorned with forests of pines and oaks attract visitors from around the world. Have a magnificent vacation on a charter boat sailing in crystal waters of Mediterranean Sea in Balearic Islands.

 Specialists in making dreams come true

 Top Sailing Charter is offering rental services of sailboats, catamarans, yachts and gullets in the Balearic Islands during years. We exactly know what the preferences of our customers are to make their nautical vacations an exciting experience. We put all our skills to ensure the total satisfaction of the most exacting clients.  Our success is that they all deal with us again and again. We want to make your choice comfortable and clear as possible. Therefore, in addition to the information we have made available to you on this website, you can also call us by phone or via our online chat to help you choose your rental boat and advise you the best sailing route in the Balearic Islands. The paradise is closer than you think.

Routes that you will never forget

 We have plenty of itineraries designed due to your preferences. During a few days you will admire the beauty of the Balearic Islands. For example, on a charter sailboat or a gullet you can start from Ibiza Nueva and to end of the day anchor on the beautiful and big beach Es Cavallet. You can also rent a boat in Denia and go from there to Formentera, an island known for its level life and the beauty of its waters. And, once recharged the batteries, direct you chartered boat to Ibiza, where you feel the strength of its nightlife and bustle of the streets.

 Another fascinating proposal is sail on a rental boat the northern coast of Menorca, ending in Mahon, a land full of charm that is still far from the maddening crowd. If you prefer to focus on knowing two main islands Mallorca and Menorca, we have a designed itinerary with which you can start from the port of Alcudia on your rental catamaran or a gullet and spend unforgettable days exploring the islands from the coast. On this website we present a lot of charter boats so you can design your nautical route in the Balearic Islands.

 Conquering new destinations

 In addition to our tours in Balearic Islands, we continue to work to elaborate new nautical routes in other parts of the Mediterranean. For example, Croatia is one of the most popular destinations in recent years. It is a real pleasure to navigate on a rental gullet with or without skipper in its clear blue waters. If you are looking for solitude coves and charming fishing villages, this is your destination. Montenegro is also located in the Southeast Europe and is full of monuments and charming coastal cities.

 If you are a lover of ancient civilizations, you should rent a boat, a gullet for example and sail along the coasts of Greece and Turkey. We have fantastic itineraries in the Aegean Sea and the Turkish Riviera that you will never forget. As you have seen, we do our work with a real passion. We are all lovers of the sea and sailing. Top Sailing Charter has planned exiting vacations for you as we would want for ourselves. Check it and we are sure that you will want to rent a boat or contract a nautical route once again. All aboard!