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Alquilar catamarán con niños

Holidays in catamaran with children


I remember the first time when I got my son on a catamaran. He was about seven years old when I had rented a beautiful catamaran to spend the morning and early afternoon. He could barely pull himself above skate and once almost did not move up the side of the canvas clutching tightly braided ropes when we start moving above the waves. At first it seemed as if petrified, both fascinated and terrified by the idea of being able to move so light and fast over the sea. But soon I was surprised that the cool wind in his face and splashing of the waves made him break into laughter. The experience of renting a catamaran to spend time at sea was great and made our holiday unforgettable.


On another occasion we decided to spend seven days in the sea with the whole family with adults and children on a larger catamaran. We have chosen something much less sporty and exciting but with the advantage of being able to sit quietly in small cabins when children were playing. The spacious interior of the catamaran allows children to paint or play board games with complete comfort while the deck is so broad and sure to dance, play around or lounging in the sun. We made a fantastic trip along the Greek coast. With the rental catamaran it was very easy to anchor near magnificent islands. We had a possibility to show the kids a different perspective of the beach and the sea. For them it was like having a giant pool surrounding the house. They could jump with life jackets into the water and swim with us. In addition, we could move with Stand up Paddles and have discovered the creeks or the Greek islands. With the SUP Zooms catamaran you can safely approach the earth doing sport. Finally, occasionally children woke up early to fish. They took their fishing rods and began to fish from the same catamaran. Thus, we were able to prepare traditional tasty fish dishes.


Sail on a catamaran with children  Rental catamaran with children


Time passed and  renting a catamaran on our vacation became our family tradition. At only 12, my son distinguishes port, starboard, fore and aft parts of the boat and can adjust the vest himself. He knows all navigation rules and distinguishes the winds and currents. He learned to enjoy the handling of ropes, to avoid the passage of the boom hoist the mainsail and jib sail shortened. One of the most memorable occasions was when we rented a catamaran on the southern Mediterranean coast and the west wind was strong enough to lift a sailboat on water. I taught him to put on the harness and hang over the side to counterbalance and it was a great experience. He was enjoyed splashing water and wind. I think that that evening my son really fell in love with the sea, sailing, synergy with water and wind.
I have seen children gain skill, ability and acuity while strengthening the body and mind the first time mounted on a hire catamaran. They also create relationship with the sea and sport, a great value today when most of us prefer computers. Take a pleasure to spend unforgettable holidays on a charter catamaran with your family and children!

Raquel Valdueza