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The Indian Ocean with Top Sailing Charter

Had you ever thought of navigate by the Indian Ocean?
Probably after you read this, you’ll be pass closer from this dream to the reality.

Top Sailing Charter offers discounts from up to 50% to navigate the third largest ocean on Earth.
From Seychelles, a group of 115 islands, known as a tropical paradise and famous among many other things for its giant turtles, is one of the most coveted destinations for sea lovers, beach lovers, and … relaxing break. These islands emerged from the bottom of the sea, are not volcanics, so the granitic rocks adorn the beaches, one of the most photographed sites.
Madagascar, also called the Red Island because of the color of its ground, ancient refuge of pirates, the biggest island in Africa, considered the fourth biggest in the world, keeping in its territory many unique species on every continent. the famous Masoala National Park, consisting on 1200 square kilometers, contains a large coral reef and a whale breeding area, among others.
Thailand, you can navigate through the clear, calm waters of the Andaman Sea, with more than 2000 km of coastline, influenced by the chinese and indian cultures, with its recognized cuisine, that blends five fundamental flavors, sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. On the island of Phuket you can enjoy the “Shark Point”, natural habitat of leopard sharks as well as the remains of King Ferry Cruise. May well travel all these fantastic places that allow you anchor to beaches and lost, almost virgins some, of the hundreds of islands and islets in the area, doing snorkeling or scuba diving and discovering the funds and the diversity of the colorful and spectacular marine life that resides in the area …
Malaysia, which has a large number of national parks, biological reserves and other protected areas. With the biggest underground chamber in the world, called Hall Sarawak, recently discovered, is one of the most mysterious places in the world. In Malaysia, we also find the Skybridge, located in Langkawi, its principal feature is that this bridge is totally curved and is suspended 700 meters from sea level.
And you, which one of these destinations prefer?
Do not miss the opportunity that offers Top Sailing Charter to enjoy one of these four spectacular destinations, able to visit your own air, by sea, in catamaran or sailboat, with or without skipper. Feel only the sound of the sea crashing against the hull, dive into the crystal clear waters, look at what the sea can offer, with the company of friends and/or family.
Ask us, without commitment, special offers for these destinations, from 20% to 50% and let yourself surprise.
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