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Lagoon 400 S2 en Brasil
Lagoon 400 S2 en Brasil

The Lagoon 400 S2, your strong commitment for these holidays in Brazilian waters


Brazil is a delightful country that offers one of the most beautiful coastlines around the planet to sail your chartered boat in the most majestic manner. With over 3,300 miles of coastline and its 365 islands, it becomes one of the top destinations chosen by sea and sailing lovers in general. It’s a land of exotic nature and thrilling atmosphere of coconuts and samba rhythms. The charisma of its people, the festive mood and kindness are hallmarks of a place that not only attracts visitors from around the globe but also invites them to come back and even makes them stay. In such a spectacular country turned towards the sea, renting a catamaran to have the best vacation you’ve dreamed of finally materializes in a consistent reality. Now you must choose the boat you prefer to sail on Brazilian waters among the variety of catamarans for rent which are available to you.


If Brazil is a gem for sailing lovers, it is well worth choosing another one to explore its coast. To do this we opt for one of the offshore treasures that exist in life. Airy, spacious, bright, swift, elegant, easy to govern and harmonious: A gift designed with freehand by a smooth sailing lover. We are talking about one of the newest most successful catamaran models in the world: the Lagoon 400 S2. This is one of the latest designs that tops the list of preferences of skippers from all over the world. Based on a previous model, without a doubt, it stands out for its ability to offer unique qualities to sailors. This boat exists with 3 or 4 cabins and includes a perfect combination between the main salon and the cockpit, making it bright and almost diaphanous with lots of space for movement. It also offers more comfort.


Modernity, elegance and high class are the three pillars that define this offshore catamaran model and the basis for our dream vacation. It is our perfect choice to discover the wonders of the Brazilian coast from Fortaleza to Porto de Galinhas, passing through the Morro de Sao Paulo, Ilheus, Porto Seguro, combining the rich legacy of Brazil’s roots and the northeast’s impressive landscape with its beautiful beaches, reaching, on a samba rhythm, the lively Rio de Janeiro and multicultural Sao Paulo and arriving to the last Brazilian lands to the south where Camboriu, Laguna and Torres still lurk as tourist destinations, with countless alternatives for visitors.


Brazil is definitely the best destination to rent a catamaran and cross the waters from point to point. Thanks to the diversity of its Atlantic coast we find perfect places for stopovers on our sailing itinerary. Taking advantage of the cheerful wind that is always present on Brazilian beaches, we will rent the Lagoon 400 S2 to enjoy the perfect weather conditions all year round.

 Raquel Valdueza