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Fideling Anse - Martinica

Martinique, the flower of the Caribbean

 Located in the heart of the Caribbean in the Antilles, Martinique is a paradise of palms, idyllic landscapes, sandy beaches and clear and warm waters. The climate is quite mild and the heat is not excessive, thanks to an average annual temperature of 26°C.

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Starting from Martinique and sailing towards the south, making an itinerari of 10-14 days, you can visit most of the islands of the Lesser Antilles. You will make a very similar route to that done by Christopher Columbus, visiting islands like St. Lucia, here you the famous volcanic cone, known as “Python Mountains”, declared World Heritage Site. Saint Vincent where in Wallilabou Bay you can visit the scenes used during the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Mustique, known as the island of the famous as celebrities like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Raquel Welch, etc. .. have here their big mansions. Tobago Cays a group of 5 small islands, protected by a coral reef, with beautiful white beaches with a variety of fish and a turtle reserve, where you can swim with them. Other islands you can visit are Mayreau, Canouan, Morpion, Union Island, Petit Saint Vincent…
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Navigating the waters of the Lesser Antilles is fantastic, as the Alisios winds blow regularly with an intensity of 15 knots from east to west, which allows you to navigate from one island to another with a good wind. In the leeward areas of each island there are very safe beaches and coves to anchor and spend nights and days in magnificent scenery. Therefore sailors and nature lovers will find at the Lesser Antilles, the best places to sail, anchor and enjoy the Caribbean life.


Plus you’ll enjoy many activities, from sunbathing or relaxing reading a book under a palm tree on a beach of white sand. Scuba diving or just snorkeling, playing golf or dive deeper into the jungle, where you can see all sorts of tropical flora and fauna, you can even swim in a waterfall.


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For people not used to sailing, we recommend a catamaran, as they don’t incline and instill peace of mind. Another advantage is that they have large spaces which make them ideal for families with children. If you want we can call you through our “Call Me”.

Spending a sailing vacation in the Caribbean, with a group of friends or family, without any doubt will be unforgettable as explain our customers, who have been so lucky to have done so.

The Caribbean is without a doubt, a paradise for boaters.
14-day Itinerary Lesser Antilles, starting from and returning to Martinique:


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