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Popular destinations to rent a boat in summer


The long awaited summer vacations have finally arrived. It is the moment when we begin to plan, to dream, to imagine and, above all, to call asking for the price of charter boats. But all this giant process begins with the first and important step of choosing the holiday destination. For this reason we want to help you with this decision, recommending some of the most interesting places to rent a boat in summer and organize your perfect last minute holiday.


Kotor (Montenegro)

The Republic of Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea on the west. Kotor may be a small town but it has impressive mountains, precious coastlines, monuments and medieval walls. There are lots of bays in the world, and only some of them are declared World Heritage by UNESCO for their unique beauty. The Bay of Kotor is among these chosen bays. Renting a yacht in Kotor is perfect to explore the islands that surround the city.


Raiatea (French Polynesia)

Raiatea is located in French Polynesia, among the Leeward Islands in the archipelago of the Society Islands, and shares the same lake with Ta’haa and another island. For an unforgettable sailing experience in this oasis in the Pacific it is best to rent a catamaran in French Polynesia, set sails and begin the voyage between paradise and paradise on earth.


Mallorca (Spain)

Mallorca means Big Island, its name derives from being the largest island of the Balearic archipelago and this is where Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the autonomous community, is situated. This island offers a picturesque coastal landscape with coves and bays that can be easily visited on a catamaran rented in Mallorca. But besides sun and sand paths, this island also has magnificent places to visit by foot.


Tortola (BVI)

Do you want to see a paradise in the sea? Tortola stands out among the British Virgin Islands, like the jewel in the crown. It is believed that Christopher Columbus himself gave these islands their name. Replete with legends about pirates and buccaneers of the Caribbean Sea, it is an ideal place for sailing through more than 30 islands. Dare to rent a sailboat in Tortola and feel like a real pirate with a patch on the eye and a wooden leg. Try to choose the dates of your trip well and according to the lunar calendar, as the traditional Full Moon Party is celebrated each time the moon is full in the British Islands.


Skiathos (Greek Islands)

The postcards of the Greek islands are known worldwide for the white houses that stand out against the deep blue sea. Besides, renting a boat in Greece to get acquainted with the cozy littoral towns and islands’ coasts is priceless. Among them Skiathos is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty which looks out to the very edge of the sea.

We hope that this information was helpful to speed up the selection of the place where you would like to spend the best days of the year, enjoying them with your family and friends.

Raquel Valdueza