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Rent a sailboat for your family and enjoy a luxurious voyage


Rent a sailboat for a family to spend vacation? Yes, why not. Or better yet, to make a trip aboard a precious boat in a dreamed destination. We will not open anything new if we say that there are a lot of hotels offers with attractive prices in the most popular tourist destinations. So why rent a sailboat?

Experience shows us that a family holiday on a charter boat is nothing in compare with any previous experience and coexistence. Depending on the chosen voyages, we can literally travel to different and distant places and spend each night in a new port. Change of scenery every day is fabulous, is not it?

It is a real freedom – a lifestyle of the sea lovers. You can only discover it making a sailing trip with your family. Have you ever wondered how many stars are on the clear sky night at sea? There is not any trendy hotel offering so many stars. Yes, it’s an experience that can be addictive.

We can make a travel plan or navigate without it. It is total freedom that tastes even better when we want to experiment with. We will teach a lot of new things that we´ll never know in enclosed space.

The orientation at sea has another meaning, movements on board, tasks and schedules, and even the sense of time and atmospheric phenomena are different. The adventure travel with the wind as a main partner.

A sea of experiences

It is a real adventure to spend vacations with your family in the open sea. The water is available anywhere and at any time to swim or to practice water sports. Swim, snorkel, and take sunbathing on deck or on a beach chosen during or before the navigation. Yes, you can plan it.

And remember to live this experience you don’t need a captain license or navigation experience. You only have to can hire a boat with skipper and crew and choose the point on the map where you want to start your adventure. Ask us and you will discover all the available options to realize your voyage you are dreaming of.

You can help you to plan personal routes, propose catamaran trips, luxury yacht or a trip to spend Christmas or New Year at the base Pointe a Pitre in Guadeloupe port. You can enjoy the arrival of the Route du Rhum participators.

Why you have to choose a hotel room if you have a boundless sea of possibilities.

Rent a sailboat for your family and enjoy a windblown sea view and all the stars hotel.

Rent a sailboat for family and enjoy a different holiday

Rent a sailboat for your family to sail in any place of the world.

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