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Isla Hvar (Croacia)

Do something diferent, travel to Croatia – The trendy destination

If you are looking for a fun nightlife, Croatia is the place to be. Most islands are in front of the city of Split and have a wide variety of bars, clubs and terraces; and nice friendly people.

The Isla Hvar is the most animated place to be in Croatia, also visited by many celebrities.

The Top Sailing Charter team, recomends you to visit these islands by renting a sailingboat in Split, Trogir or Kastelas, which will allows you to move freely to all the islands.

You can rent a boat with or without skipper; anchor near the port and with the dinghy visit the villages. From Split you can reach the typical medieval island Korcula which produces the best wine in Croatia. You can also enjoy various summer festivals such as “Splitsko Ljeto”, which is organised every year. As you sail along the coast of Croatia, do not miss the “Konobas”, the typical Croatian restaurants where you can eat traditional food at cheap prices.

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