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The pearls of the Balkans: Greece, Turkey and Croatia

Historically, the Balkans were one of the first populated regions in Europe. This area is located in the southeast of Europe between the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea. This territory is composed of nine states that are part of the European Community. The Slavic, Germanic, Western and Greco-Roman cultures are merging together here.

Among the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece, Turkey and Croatia display the characteristics of exotic locations in Europe. Discover these territories and learn more about the specific identities of each State.


Tour the city of Chania in Greece

The charming town of Chania is located in the northwest of Crete, a Greek island bathed in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. This city has been placed on an ancient city-state called Kydonia which was developed under the authority of invaders like the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and Arabs during antiquity. Nowadays, there are many monuments indicating their passage through their neoclassical architectural style. Covered markets of Agora and its large port that welcomes ships from all over the world are unavoidable. A cruise with MSC Cruises from crucerosnet.com could offer a possibility to disembark at this port.


Wandering on the coast of Istria in Croatia

Istria is the Mediterranean region and the nearest territory of Central Europe. It is a land of many cultures. Slavs, Germans and Romans left there some prints that appeared in the languages, traditions and also in gastronomy. On the peninsula we can visit medieval towns like Porec, Rovinj and Dubrovnik, where we will find vineyards, caves and local products. To discover the hidden treasures of Croatia, the boat rental company TopSailingCharter can arrange a catamaran sailing trip for at least of 7 days in the most famous holiday spots.


Have fun in Kusadasi in Turkey

Kusadasi is both a city and a port located on the west coast of Turkey on the Aegean Sea, in the province of Aydin. It is famous mainly for being an ideal summer resort. We discover in this territory a mixture of Greek and Turkish cultures. Thanks to many events this city is famous for its festive atmosphere. Furthermore it is also known for its trade dynamism. In the evening we can attend a show to admire the famous belly dance accompanied by traditional music. And do not overlook the ancient city of Ephesus, enjoy its water parks.