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Saint Barthélemy (Islas Virgenes)

Whoever said you can’t enjoy the sun and the beach in winter?

For people who can’t do their holidays in summer or for the lucky ones who do them in summer and in winter, the ideal destination in winter is the Caribbean.

The best islands to sail from are the British Virgin Islands (Tortola) or Martinique in the Lower Antilles. Starting from one of these two places you can visit a different island every day, sunbathe, snorkel, fish and eat lobster.

If you choose to sail two weeks out from Martinique
you can get to the Grenadine Islands and access to paradise in the small Caribbean island of Tobago Key
(with a natural park of turtles and a large number of reefs). Navigation is very nice, from island to island because you always see one of them and thus the orientation is easy.

If you choose the set from the Tortola, the islands are very close, do not miss the full moon party in Trellis Bay (Full Moon Party) another nice place to visit is Spanish town where on the same island you find a group of rocks The Bath. We also recommend the bar-restaurant Foxy’s on the island Jost Van Dyke, known worldwide for its famous cocktails.

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